About Locales

We help organisations, communities and individuals tell stories better. We have extensive experience within New Zealand, Australia and internationally. Throughout the development process, we deliver the highest quality service, resulting in world class experiences.

Concepts & Planning

Our concepts are the blueprint for experience design projects and can be utilised as fund-raising collateral. We work in conjunction with business case models and projections and test our concepts to ensure you have a viable product.

Identity & marketing

As a part of the concept development process often the brand identity of a new destination experience or attraction needs to reflect the new product in the market. We have developed a range of successful identities for cultural tourism clients and bring a deep knowledge of place and story to our brand development work.

Content Creation

Our projects always include content - writing, illustration, animation, film, documentary, audio, maps, etc. We develop content in-house and this enables us to integrate it into the design process of our projects.


Our in-house team designs spatial, graphic and digital interactive solutions. We follow a user-centred design process that involves rapid iterations and testing and the development of user-personas to guide the outputs. As our projects often cross disciplines the different design outputs are created as a system that works across all platforms and media.



Once we have detailed the experience you want to create, we oversee its fabrication and production. We work with a range of talented fabricators to ensure the highest quality result. In liaison with you, we can set an installation programme for the delivery of the project.

Programme Management

Our expert project management takes the complexity out of the process. We ensure you know what to expect from the start and status reports keep you up-to-date as the project progresses. We are always available for key milestone meetings and workshops and use an array of communication technologies to maintain close and open working relationships.


We stick around long after your experience goes live. Ongoing support for the project is provided to make sure everything's running smoothly and as intended. We can help you develop operational and maintenance plans to keep your experience looking as it did on day one.